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Landlord - Tenant

We understand the issues at stake in landlord and tenant law. For landlords, a tenant who is not paying rent can mean thousands of dollars lost. For tenants, a landlord bringing an eviction action can mean stress and a disruption of life.

Colagiovanni Law Associates offers a full spectrum of residential and commercial landlord and tenant legal representation and litigation. We help landlords move through the eviction process swiftly; doing whatever is necessary legally to get you the rent that is rightfully yours or the legal possession that you want. We will guide you personally through all the aspects of the eviction process. For tenants, we are familiar with the ways in which landlords attempt to get tenants to leave. We use our knowledge to your benefit to defend you during the eviction process, making sure that landlords follow the proper eviction procedure, and permit you to remain in your home if possible.

Landlords and tenants can contact us to get the experienced legal attention your case deserves.

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